bilingual therapists and psychosocial counsellors with an immigration background for Ipso e-care.

We offer a training for the development of a network in Berlin.

The work at the Ipso e-care counselling service is preceded by a specially developed modularized training, which is offered free of charge by Ipso. The training is provided on the basis of existing qualifications and work experience, intercultural psychosocial counseling skills of a solution and resource oriented consullting approach in the area of ​​personal and interpersonal conflicts and crises.

Your application:

  • You have an immigrant background
  • You have completed a training / study of psychology, social work / education, medicine or similar disciplines in Germany or your home country.
  • You have professional experience in a psychosocial context.
  •  You are interested in a cultural sensitive counselling work. Good German and English skills are required and the mother tongue should be very well spoken.

The training is free and includes:

  • 5 weekends from September to December 2015 from 17h00 until Sunday 14h00
  • A practice evening during the week for the duration of training
  • 40 supervised counselling hours

CV to:

We will invite you promptly to a personal interview

Your perspective:

After the training you can work for Ipso E-Care as psychosocial counsellor according to your availability. Professional supervision is ensured. The salary will be paid in accordance with the sessions.