In Jordan, a large number of refugees of the Syrian civil war live under extremely difficult conditions in refugee camps and urban settlements. Poverty, irregular income, fragile family structures and other factors are a tremendous psychological burden for many of them. Our project offers low-threshold psychosocial support to quickly and effectively empower them to actively improve their living conditions. The project is funded by the Kamynu Trust and is implemented in cooperation with the international humanitarian organization INTERSOS.

Via our platform our Syrian Counselors working in Germany are available for a secure video chat to give confidential counseling in the refugees’ native language Arabic. This reduces a serious gap in the local mental health service and adds an important element to the project work of our partner INTERSOS. The service is open to all adults and adolescents (16 years or older), regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion or other affiliations.

It was essential to cooperate closely with our partner INTERSOS to guarantee access for those seeking help. Together we have set up access points for our counseling service at three locations in Amman, Karak and Irbid. Laptops and safe counseling rooms were provided by our partner. We trained the INTERSOS staff in Jordan in our counseling approach and helped them to target potential clients. Our service was received very positively by both the direct beneficiaries and the cooperation partner, the online counseling is now fully integrated into the regular work of the partner. Anonymous client feedbacks after the online sessions reflect a very high level of satisfaction with the service.

The regular humanitarian work of our cooperation partner INTERSOS targets beneficiaries from the refugee community and Jordanian host community alike. The joint pilot project was carried out from September 2018 to April 2019 and was extended due to its success, currently until 31.12.2020.