Ipso in Germany – Ipso Care and Ipso Academy


Since 2015, Ipso has developed a psychosocial counselling network, where both counsellors and clients have a migration background. We are active in Constance, Berlin, Thuringia and Hamburg. At the Ipso Academy, we train people with a migration background to become psychosocial counsellors. These certified counsellors then assist other refugees and migrants in their mother tongue both online and in person.

Ipso Academy – we offer training

In a 12-month course, Ipso provides suitable and motivated people with a refugee or migration background its value-based psychosocial counselling methodology. Ipso’s consultation method was developed in 2004 and has been systematically evaluated and adapted in various countries since then. The aim of this counselling-consultation is to restore people’s self-reliance as quickly as possible so that they can begin to experience themselves as meaningful beings in their current social context. Ipso’s approach is value-based and therefore it is important that the counsellors come from the same culture as the client and that the counselling takes place in the native language of the client. Theoretical knowledge, practical psychosocial interventions, self-experience and self-reflection as well as practical work and application are the most important components of Ipso’s training. Currently, we train over 90 counsellors from 24 countries in Germany.

The training is AZAV certified and can be supported by an education voucher from the Jobcentre or Agenturen für Arbeit. The “maßnahmen number” is 922/161/2016. Information about the course can be found  here (Flyer) and here (Maßnahmenbogen).

Ipso Care – psychosocial counselling. Culture-sensitive, confidential and free of charge

We are there for people who need to talk to an empathic and professional counsellor to clarify their situation; people who are in a crisis situation, suffer from psychological stress or have undergone trauma. Consultation with an Ipso counsellor also helps clients overcome personal and family tensions and start living life more creatively and positively. We offer low-threshold psychosocial support for refugees and migrants in over 15 languages. Our team of supervisors who supervise our counsellors always ensure the quality of their consultations. The consultation can be a face-to-face one at the Ipso centre or can be done online. Please register at www.ipso-care.com or visit us in Berlin or Erfurt if you need help.


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