Mental Health & Psychosocial Counseling Clinic Kabul

  • Funded by the German Foreign Office

In the last years, Ipso’s main activity in Afghanistan was to strengthen the Afghan public health care system. So far 350 Psychosocial Counselors and 180 Medical Doctors and Nurses have been trained, working in the primary and secondary health care clinics in all provinces of Afghanistan. Next, Ipso trained 70 Medical Doctors and 70 Psychosocial Counselors to be National Mental Health Trainers. Those were enabled to independently train further staff working in mental health care (see completed projects).

With the current project „ Psychsocial Counseling and Mental Health Center in Kabul“ Ipso intends to make use of its insights and experiences in the treatment of mental health patients to provide an integrated psychosocial, medical-psychiatric and body-related treatment and counseling in a day-care clinic setting.

This action has a preventive as well as curative impact: The Afghan population will have access to a professional, psychosocial and psychiatric care and will be supported in being self-efficient again and influencing their own life so that they can better cope with psychosocial stressors. This reaction to distress, hardship and hopeless experienced situations will combat causes of flight as people will again be able to experience themselves as meaningful in their own cultural environment.

The psychosocial counseling and the other offers of the day care clinic will support help-seeking individuals to understand their situation, to better cope with psychosocial stressors and to improve daily functioning in order to again influence their own life. As a follow-up care all patients can be counseled through the online website

In this centre, Ipso is using its gained knowledge and collected experiences within the last 12 years. All people will be treated according to best practices and the staff works with great responsibility towards each patient and with respect to personal suffering.

Inge Missmahl and Dr. Sarah Ayoughi are responsible for the technical support regarding psychological and psychosocial care. Professor Heinz and Dr. Voss from the Charité Berlin are supporting the center regarding the medical care.