Ipso-care, intercultural psychosocial online counselling

Project background

For many years Ipso has supplied psychosocial counselling and support for people in difficult life situations in Afghanistan and Haiti. To provide these services, Ipso trains psychosocial counselors with a specially developed manualized consulting approach.

Introduced in 2005 and continually evolving, Ipso’s psychosocial counselling approach is transferable to other countries and cultures, takes account of the personal cultural background and is resource-oriented and problem-solving.

Subjects of the counselling are personal problems as well as family conflicts and difficulties that develop from cultural diversity and different value systems.

Ipso wants to use its 10 years of experience to come up with a training to empower motivated skilled workers in Germany (in the field of psychology or social work) with own migration experience to advise people with an immigration background seeking help via Ipso-care and to strengthen them in a self-efficient lifestyle.