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PHINEO-Wirkt-Siegel_EK_2018_07_Web_Farbe_quer_312pxAt IPSO, we work hard every day to give everyone who is going through a difficult phase in their lives access to an empathetic professional counseling, no matter where they are: in Germany, in Europe or in any other country in the world. Our counselors from 14 countries offer culturally sensitive Value Based Counseling (VBC) at eye level in the native language of their clients.

In 2018, we held more than 50,000 counseling sessions with people in mental crises around the world. The counseling is free for the client and is conducted either as a face-to-face counseling in one of our Care Centers or as an online counseling, which is available worldwide in 15 languages on our secure video platforms and (Afghanistan).

Please donate to offer people in emotional distress a new perspective.

With 50 EUR you can sponsor a counseling session for a person in need.

Every single Euro helps. We thank you for your support.

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