„Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.“ Margaret Mead

Aja Delius, Ipso Germany, Project Manager Ipso Care Center Hamburg

Adeeb Ahmadi, Engineer, Head of Finance and Administration, Ipso Afghanistan

Tameem Ahmadi, Engineer, Deputy Head of Ipso Afghanistan

Maryam Gardisi, Ipso Germany, Deputy Managing Director

Atal Hewad, Administrator Ipso e-care

Sophie Kortenbruck, Ipso Germany

Jolyon Leslie, Architect and Author, Consultant, Ipso Germany

Inge Missmahl, Psychoanalyst, Founder and Managing Director, Ipso Germany

Sven Perbandt, Computer Scientist, Consultant, Ipso Germany

Dr Fareshta Queedes, Physician, Head of Ipso Afghanistan

Susette Schubert, Ipso Germany, Project Manager Ipso Care Center Thuringia

Nicole Souvay, Psychologist, Consultant, Ipso Germany

Daniel Gerloff, Public Relations & Fundraising, Ipso Germany

Dr. Isabelle Azoulay, Quality Management, Ipso Germany

Thomas Brüggemann, Finance, Ipso Germany

Khatol Sediq, Finance, Ipso Germany

Ingrid Rossmann, Human Resources, Ipso Germany