We do not leave our clients alone during the Corona crisis! Especially in these difficult, unsettling times, we are here with psychosocial help for everyone who needs a trustful conversation. We have set up additional free video counseling hours on www.ipso-care.com to be able to offer an appointment as quickly as possible in cases of mental distress. Here you can download flyers for our online counseling in nine languages. Stay healthy!

About us

IPSO (International Psychosocial Organisation) is a humanitarian non-profit organization which specializes in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) and in sociocultural dialogue to promote peace and social cohesion.

Psychosocial counselors trained by Ipso help people worldwide with culturally sensitive Value Based Counseling (VBC). Value Based Counseling is a low-threshold short-term psychodynamic intervention developed by IPSO founder Inge Missmahl. IPSO has been using this approach successfully since 2008 under the motto “Rethinking Mental Health”.

The service is available in 16 languages in face-to-face sessions as well as on our confidential video platforms www.ipso-care.com and www.ipso-ecare.com (Afghanistan). In Afghanistan, our counseling is available nationwide and in Germany, we operate three IPSO Care Centers in Berlin, Erfurt and Hamburg. In the context of further projects, we support people across the world, for example in Ukraine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

IPSO’s activities also include the development of concepts for building sustainable structures in the field of psychosocial and mental health care as well as local community and cultural work. The concepts include their implementation including accompanying research, monitoring and evaluation.

For further information, please read our Annual Report 2018.

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PHINEO-Wirkt-Siegel_EK_2018_07_Web_Farbe_quer_312pxAt IPSO, we work hard every day to give everyone who is going through a difficult phase in their lives access to an empathetic professional counseling, no matter where they are: in Germany, in Europe or in any other country in the world. Our counselors from 14 countries offer culturally sensitive Value Based Counseling (VBC) at eye level in the native language of their clients.

In 2018, we held more than 50,000 counseling sessions with people in mental crises around the world. The counseling is free for the client and is conducted either as a face-to-face counseling in one of our Care Centers or as an online counseling, which is available worldwide in 15 languages on our secure video platforms www.ipso-care.com and www.ipso-ecare.com (Afghanistan).

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